Workshop on First Aid

First Aid workshop by Dr. Amit Jawa and Dr. Parikshit Gopal
Date: 23.05.2023
Time: 9.00 am to 10.45 am

The workshop started with Supervisor Ms. Rattan M Obhrai introducing the guest. Headmistress Ms.Vinita Gupta welcomed the guest and thanked them for coming and giving their valuable time to enlighten the teachers on the importance of First Aid.

Dr. Jawa and Dr Gopal gave practical demonstrations on how to handle routine emergency scenarios at school and home like bleeding, fractures, nosebleed, burns, fainting, choking, asthma, angina/ cardiac arrest. He also stressed on the importance of CPR before medical help arrives.

Through practical demonstration and videos Dr Jawa helped the teachers to understand how to deal with emergency situations before medical help arrives.

The session was concluded by Ms. Astha Pradhan, who thanked the guest and shared how insightful and helpful the session was.

Workshop on Art Therapy

Date – 22.05.2023
Time – 9:30 am to 10:45 am
Topic – Colouring Outside the Lines
Venue – Conference Room, DPS Vasant Vihar
Participants – Headmistress, Supervisors, and Teaching Staff of DPS Vasant Vihar
Resource Person – Ms. Aditi Kaul, Department of Mental Health and Behavioural Sciences, Fortis Healthcare
The workshop began with an activity wherein the teachers were asked to make a fruit or a scenery of their choice, for the school magazine, following which the resource person emphasised how we lean towards absolutes; may it be through our behaviour, emotions, thoughts, art etc.

She highlighted that it’s important to know what happens at each age through the Developmental Milestones: Emotional Development, Sensory and Motor Development, Personal and Social Behaviour, and Language Development.
The teachers were encouraged to do the activity of Scaffolding in the class, which helps the children to think of alternative and novel ways to use art materials. It also helps children to develop problem solving skills. We were also inspired to harness students’ creativity through answering ‘why’ questions, and to create a classroom that recognises creativity.
The workshop concluded with Piaget’s concept of discovery learning which includes exploring, experimenting, creating and learning. We also discussed how creative thinking needs to be shared and validated by others socially.

Workshop on Music Therapy

Name of the workshop – Music Therapy
By Farah Hussain
Date: 19.5.23
Time: 9 am
Venue: Conference Room

Dr. Farah Hussain, an alumni of D.P.S. R.K.Puram was invited for a talk on Music Therapy and it’s effects on mental health and education. She spoke on ways in which music is used as a tool in our daily lives to gain stamina and boost our mood and energy and also how it is used as a tool to teach in an effective manner.
She started the seminar with a musical name game. She asked the audience to write their name on a sheet of paper and how each one got their name. While everyone was writing a happy song was going on in the background. Soon a few were called out and were asked to read what they had written. It was fun to hear some of the responses.
She then moved on to the butterfly story which taught us that our struggles and our journey is ours only. We need to push ourselves and create a new path in order to face the struggles and come out of it.
This was followed by a handwriting activity where she asked all the right handers to write with their left hand and later on asked everyone on their experience. The audience felt a sense of achievement after this activity.
Lastly, she mentioned that in our struggles the negatives are prominent but in actual our positive strengths are more prominent than the negatives. We need to fight from the problems.
It was an enriching experience for all the teachers attending.

Workshop on POCSO Act

Name of the workshop – POCSO ACT
Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Act, 2012
By Neha Sharma(Deals Cases with Supreme Court of India and Delhi High Court)
Date: 18.5.23
Time: 8.45a.m.
Venue: Conference Room
● The workshop dug deeper into the purpose of the POCSO Act, 2012 in the classroom
situation as well as from school’s perspective to protect its own premises.
● The act provides protection to all children from the offences of sexual assault, sexual
harassment and pornography and is better than the IPC act which only covers girl child.
● It focusses and provides protection to both girls as well as boys under the age of 18
years .
● We learnt about the procedures of reporting of cases as well as punishments under the
● This act has strict laws if the child is used for pornographic purposes.
● Hence the child should be educated about the importance of good touch and bad touch.
● A book on Let’s talk about body boundaries , consent and respect was shown by the
● Teacher and Parents both should be vigilant if the child is complaining about any one
harassing him or her.
● School is duty bound to report such cases of assault to the police if it takes place within
the school boundaries.

Workshop on handling CWSN in classrooms

Date: 17.05.2023
Time: 9:00 am to 10:15 am
Theme: Managing Children with Special Needs (CwSN) in Junior School
Resource Person
Prof (Dr) Renu Malviya
Dept of Education
Lady Irwin college, University of Delhi
● Contextualizing disability in the classroom
A brief narration of the plot of the book ‘The Country of the Blind’ – wherein the sighted was the disabled being the odd one out’.Hence, who is disabled depends on the context.The Gellaudet University in Washington DC, also popularly known as the silent university is a real life example of context where it us mandatory to know sign language for admission. This is the process of reverse exclusion.
● Another hypothetical story about ‘The Village of the Wheelchair Users’ where the ceilings are low again emphasised on the context making people feel able or disabled.
● RPwD Act in NEP 2020 recognizes 21 diversities or disabilities. Every teacher should develop the skills to make every child feel included in a classroom. This can happen through identifying the inequality in the system, understanding equity and equality and
the difference between the two while ensuring justice
● The participants were tasked with thinking of ten ways to enhance fine motor skills in pairs to increase readiness for writing.
● As an educator, it is pertinent to see the child holistically, rather than focusing solely over a disability. If all you see is a disability, you can’t see the child as a whole. The point was emphasised with anecdotal discussion over the impact that creating a sense of responsibility in the child on the child’s confidence.
● “Students who are loved at home come to school to learn and students who aren’t come to school to be loved.” The need and want of love and affection in the child has to be identified. Understanding the familial context of a child helps the educator connect
better with the child and create an equitable environment in the classroom.
● Teachers must develop their own safety net to ensure that they are able to develop a safety net for their students.
● Communication is the key between parents and teachers.
● Maintaining the child’s self esteem is the most important while helping the child in skill development.
● A bigger task should be broken into smaller tasks to create achievable targets.
● Teachers must empathise with parents in their learning process and understand their thought process too.
● Positive reinforcement can work wonders for a child and must be employed in a classroom environment.

Personality Development Workshop for teachers

Personalily Development
Marium Ahlawat

Date: 16.5.23
Time: 8.45a.m.
Venue: Basketball Court, DPSVV

The workshop dug deeper into how we interact and communicate with each other as we work to achieve our goals. It focussed on building healthy relationships and interacting positively with others in our daily lives.

We learnt that developing these skills involves the process of self-improvement which focuses on strengthening your knowledge, capabilities and self-awareness to reach your personal and professional goals.

Yoga Workshop for teachers

Zumba Workshop for teachers

Storytelling – Class 2

Date – 09.05.2023

Resource Person – Ms. Sukhmani Bawa Ahuja

To foster the skills of listening and reading, a storytelling session by Ms. Sukhmani Bawa Ahuja was organized for the students of Class II. She narrated the story – ‘The Smartest Giant in Town’ by Julia Donaldson. The unique warmth in the way she narrated the story drew the children of Class II into her story leaving them spellbound and asking for more. Developing communication skills and expanding the realm of their imagination was the main objective of the session.

Making lemonade ( Class 1)

DATE-10 May 2023

Summers are finally here and what better than a refreshing glass of lemonade to beat the heat !
Students were given a step by step guide on how to make lemonade by their teachers.The students were then given the opportunity to make their own lemonade with lemons and other ingredients.
They also had a cup of lemonade reserved for our Headmistress, Ms Vinita Gupta ma’am who relished the drink and appreciated the efforts of the children. With the corridors of class 1 brimming with excitement and a hint of lime in the air , the event was surely a huge success.


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